London Spring Lockdown | Flowers

Somehow in a completely different way, I began to look at the world around me and I started to notice such small details that sincerely please me, however before – much was taken for granted.
The frantic rhythm in London drowned me out a lot …

During the lockdown  I have found some joy shooting flowers  it was  joyful period to be honest and a little bit stressful at the same time, I miss this time a little bit:))
Since ancient times, women have adorned themselves with flowers they knew the secret of a flower even then.

Taking care of flowers, the woman is filled with magical feminine power.
One of the best ways to restore your feminine energy is to surround yourself with flowers. Even the smallest flower in a tiny vase will put a smile on your face.

I realised how important and joyful is organise and make the space you live in a cosy, harmonious and comfortable.